Monday, 15 April 2013

The Man Who Was Afraid of Falling

Here is a fantastic short by Joseph Wallace.

"The Man Who Was Afraid of Falling is my graduation film from Newport Film School in Wales. It was made over a period of eight months in 2011 and the idea was developed on Animation Sans Frontieres, the European animation production course. The film is about age and fragility and explores the escalation an old man's paranoia after he sees a plant pot fall and break. The film is told using hand crafted stop motion animation, we shot using a Canon 5D and Dragonframe software. Nearly everything in the film is made from cardboard apart from the puppet."

The Man Who Was Afraid of Falling from Joseph Wallace on Vimeo.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Coraline B-Rolls

I know this blog has been heavily neglected but I thought I should share these.

I thought "Wouldn't it be amazing if there where some B - Rolls for Coraline" I went on a short adventure with Google and what do you know I managed to find some!

Just in case you don't know, B - rolls are basically all of the footage that is available for the media to use in promoting the Movie/series.

Voice Acting Sessions

More Voice acting then at 2:45 it cuts to some nice puppet footage

Sets & Animating