Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Wind In The willows - Cosgrove Hall

Cosgrove Hall, like many others, have always been very near and dear to me. I grew up with their films and TV shows and when I decided to take on my never ending quest of getting into the stop motion industry, Cosgrove Hall was my holy grail. (cue the violins) Unfortunately a year before I finished university, they closed down and my holy grail was lost ;)

BUT at least we still have the amazing work that Cosgrove Hall made. Thankfully, awesome people on YouTube have uploaded some of my earliest encounters with them.

Also, I have a very firm belief that the ever inspiring Mackinnon & Saunders are the kindred spirit of Cosgrove Hall. Even though they have been working in the television industry for many years they are currently making their own fantastic shows and I feel that in no time at all they will be leading the way for stop motion in children's television as well as being the phenomenal puppet makers that they have always been.

Wind In The Willows

Watching this always reminds me of sitting right in front of the TV on a quilted blanket made by my mum and a bowl of yoghurt with a dollop of raspberry jam in the middle and a few Rice Krispies sprinkled on top. Bliss

Enjoy! If you do love this then please buy the DVD's here> SERIES and FILM

The film. 1983


The same youtuber has also uploaded most of the actual TV series too! I'm only going to put a few episodes up so be sure to check out the channel here>

The first episode

A favourite episode of mine

This video is something I watch near enough every week. It is such a treat to be able to see a short glimpse behind the scenes at the studio.

Behind the scenes

More recently this video has popped up online. A very nice treat, indeed!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Coraline - Behind the scenes

I thought it would be cool to have all of the behind the scenes videos that was released for Coraline in one place. So here they are... well all but the voice acting videos

Voice acting then at 2:45 it cuts to some nice puppet footage
Sets & Animating  

Animating Coraline - Timelapse from The Anxious Animator on Vimeo.


'Fred' by Misha Klein

Many years ago, Misha posted a very short segment from it titled 'the hallway'
The clip blew me away and ever since I had been anticipating the online release of this.

No words can express just how amazing this short film is.

Fred from Misha Klein on Vimeo.

The awesome chap, Sven Bonnichsen, posted a great bit of info on his blog a few years back. You can see a few pictures of the replacement mouths and some sets pictures. It's also definitely worth checking out the rest of Sven's blog post too! Click HERE 

 There is also a great video by stopmotionmagazine showing behind the scenes and interviewing Misha.