Friday, 30 September 2011

Beglan Bros

The Belgan Bros are a London based production company run by brothers Philip and Charles.

Philip tends to do the puppet making and stop motion animation and Charles does the CGI animation and post production.
Philip has also worked at Aardman on Creature Comforts and Curse of the were-rabbit to the poorly published Max & Co and then at Laika on Coraline.
He is also the chap that is animating Coraline in this timelapse/animation shot at 0:57 in this featurette

I'm not sure if they were aired in the USA but people from the UK should definitely recognize their adverts for Kellogg's Cornflakes.

Their puppets are ridiculously amazing have this very caricatured design. Very realistic but not too much to make it feel a bit uncanny valley.
I think I remember reading that they use unbaked super sculpy instead of plasticine or silicone.

What ever they use I think you will agree that it is all fantastic work!

Visit to see the photo gallery and also both brothers showreels.

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  1. Does anyone know anybody who has any 1/12th scale character dolls made by Philip Beglan that I could buy? Will offer a great price...